Deer/Snowmobile Camp in Pittsburg, NH for Sale

Camp in February 2010

With mixed emotions, Darren and I have decided to sell our little piece of the unspoiled wilderness that is Pittsburg, NH.  Located in the heart of Moose Country, deer, bear and wild turkey are abundant.  Pittsburg is also the Snowmobile Capitol of the world with its meticulously groomed trails through gorgeous country.

Since we were picked in the Moose Lottery for a section that we normally wouldnt hunt we have established a new Camp.  Our new friends, Greg, Sandy, Gunther, Jill, Dave, Amy, and Doc have become like family and we feel like we want to make it our new hunting home.  Also, its crazy to keep a Camp that we never go to. 

Below you will see our Craigslist Ad and I will try to supply as many pictures as possible.  If you hunt, fish or sled it will bring you many seasons of happiness.

“Pittsburg, NH. Quaint, rustic snowmobile/hunting Camp located at Spruce Cone in the breathtaking unspoiled wilderness of Pittsburg, NH. Camp is on approximately 1/2 acre of leased land (land is available to purchase from Spruce Cone owner). Spruce Cone maintains mowing and snow removal. Deer feed just steps from the back deck. Lease is approximately $215 per month (land is available for purchase from Spruce Cone). Taxes, $35 a year. Electric bill approximately $30 per month. Camp is heated with propane but a small wood stove would heat the entire place nicely. Camp sleeps 6 comfortably. Perfect inexpensive getaway for all seasons since it is located directly across from Lake Francis and has a private boat launch. We love it but don’t use it enough”

The deer pictures are from the deck…..really!  You could hit ’em with a snowball!

If you’re interested, this is the link for our ad on Craigslist   Or just email me at


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi,

    I noticed you took down the comment on Bear hunting with dogs and you never posted my response. Any comments?
    Did you have a change of heart?


    • Hi,
      I’m still not a Bear dog fan. I actually thought your comment was awesome. It didn’t change my mind but it did make me think. I don’t want to provide any fuel to the Anti’s. I actually did post you comment but when I took my post down the comment came with it. What you said was motivating, that we need to stick together, so to protect the Brotherhood, I removed the post. So we might disagree on the best bear hunting methods but we are still hunters and you’re right….we need to stick together because there are too many out there who would like to see us extinct. So no disrespect at all….actually I have a great deal of respect. Your comment reflected that you are very knowledgable and a gentleman.

      In the Spirit of the Wild,
      Lisa A Finch


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