6 Gun City, NH – Bow, Youth & Squirrel Season – 2013


Lisa is the winner of the SLAYER CROSSBOW!

The Slayer Crossbow

The Slayer Crossbow is the newest outdoor product from the trusted Sportsmen’s Outdoor Strategies (S.O.S).  S.O.S. is Bob Walker’s company.  Bob Walker brought us the famous and amazing Walker’s Game Ear. 

The S.O.S Slayer Crossbow boasts a front mounted hand grip with “Posi-Grip” coating.  The Bow is a recurve style design that is light weight and sure to become an Outdoorsmen’s Household word just like the Game Ear is.

Lisa has wanted this Bow since she first saw it and now it is on its way to the 603!  What better prize for a girl whose license plate is BOWGIRL?

Look for us to be posting lots of photos of Lisa using her Slayer Crossbow.  Also, be sure and check out S.O.S. for their other great products like the Blindbrella and the Screenbrella.

Thanks S.O.S. for the amazing prize!

Find out more about these awesome Bows at or on Facebook

Ice Fishing and a New Outdoor Adventure

Robs Monster Perch
It was a beautiful day on the ice with new comer Rob Beauchesne, my daughter Sarah and her squeeze Josh.  Flags were popin everywhere!  Sarah hand Josh caught several small mouth and several perch. Rob, being the newbie missed a few fish, which is common to virgin new comers
But that didn’t stop the very persistent newbie of running to the trap and fighting the monster perch on the other end of the line, Rob pulled this perch up out of the hole and began to celebrate
What a great feeling to bring a new sportsman into the world of Outdoor Adventures.
Later that afternoon as the sun was setting down just above the trees flags started popping up again, this time it was my turn so I scurried to the trap and fought an awesome fish, it ran as hard as a freight train, this fight went on for what seemed to be an hour but in reality minutes I was fortunate to be able to spend special times with my daughter and friends and that whats really important. Sarah decided to feed my fish her fish.

Me and my Daughter, Sarah

We spent a few more hours and trying to catch a few more, but things slowed way down so we packed up and headed to Sarah and Josh’s lodge to chill out and grill up some awesome moose steaks fom the bull that Lisa and I harvested this past fall.  We sat around and chatted a bit on who was going to catch the most smelt that night.

Sarah & Josh in the Smelt Shanty

Midnight came awful fast and it was time to head out from the woods of far to the mighty blue ocean river marshes at Worthing’s, where there were shanty towns every were, We fished from 12:00am to 6:00am and caught a several dozen smelts, some headless ! Rob bit the heads off a few during the night for good luck, so he thought, to this day the smelt heads are mounted to the wall of the shanty, it was well worth the laughs, and this why we should all take a green horn FISHING !

After Sundown in Ol Shanty Town


Fish head that Rob bit off tacked to the shanty wall.....good times


Merry Christmas from Getcha Boots On! Outdoor Adventures! LMAO!!!!

Light-er Fare! LOL! I cant find my Luminok!!!!

My First Deer ( doe )

My First Deer ( doe ).

Darren and I loved this story, so we thought we’d re-post it for all to enjoy.

For my first deer hunt we went to Loudon, NH, on Youth Hunting weekend. We woke up very early on that chilly October morning, at 4 am to get there before the sunrise, loaded our gear in the truck and drove out to the property.

Once we got there we met up with the hunting guides to discuss what tree stand we were going to use and where the trails are. After discussing all the details for the day we left on the ATVs to go to the tree stand for a long wait.

We got up in the tree stand while it was still pitch black.  Slowly we started to settle in. It got really cold so we only stayed in the tree stand until sunrise, around seven o’clock. We did a lot of walking and scouting for the first day, but did not see any flashes of white (from the White Tail deers’ tails), or any other wild life for day one. Tired but not defeated we went back home for the night.

The next day we woke up the same time as the previous morning, very early. It was so cold in the tree stand I thought my toes were frozen. We could only sit still until the first rays of the sun came through. To get the blood moving again we went still hunting for the rest of the day. Again we did not see any deer, we walked for what felt like 100 miles but probably was only 5 miles, so we were excited to get to our night tree stand for late afternoon/evening.

As we went down the path we suddenly saw two does, not 6 yards away from us, just standing there.  I slowly tried to get into position but they saw me and ran away.  My dad and I  knew that they would circle around, so we had a plan to go back a little ways to see if we can spot them again.  We slowly started to walk down the path, and there in a small side path they stood.  We edged closer, very slowly, very quietly, I got into position.  They were about 45 yards away, but some bushes and a small pine tree were in the way of a clear shot.  Again I missed the opportunity to shoot my deer.  I looked on as they walked away once again.  We tried to follow them but didn’t see them for a couple of minutes.  We were just about to go back to the   for the evening when we saw the does standing about 75 yards from us, looking straight at us!  Foot by foot we slowly got behind a big pine tree.  I rested the gun on my dad’s arm, found the doe in my scope, and squeezed the trigger .

She dropped right there.

Once the guides came we took her to a stream and cleaned her out.  The guides helped us to pull her out with the ATVs all the way to my dad’s truck.  She weighed in at  55 lbs.

A special thanks to my dad for taking me on this great hunting trip.

Killer Autumn 2011


Words to Live By

Untitled Project.

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Its been a great Fall!  ❤

Slayer Crossbows!!!! Getcha Some!!

Hey Guys,

Karen with her Slayer

My friend Karen asked me to check out her new crossbows on Facebook.  I did and I’m glad!  You should check them out too!  These things are Bad Ass!!!!

Karen's Boyfriend, Bob with his Slayer!/pages/Slayer-Crossbows/208425685898630?sk=wall

The Slayer Crossbow....Getcha Some!!!!